Keeping Your Pit Blazingly Shiny in Whole Winter
Installing a fire pit into your home is one way to help enhance your overall decorative spark and provide a wonderful focal point. Fire pits can range from brick-themed box-type fireplaces to rustic big bowls and chimney-like hearths that perfectly compliment your home and your furniture. Fire pits or fireplaces usually sell out like hotcakes during the winter season to help tone down the biting cold in a glamorous and fashionable way. However, weather changes such as the sun’s rays and heavy rain can take its toll on your beloved hearths. So, how do you care for your fire pit amid the diverse season changes? We’ve rounded up various ways to help you maintain your inglenook, so it’ll last you more than one winter.
1. Keep it Spotlessly

Clean and Bright! Your pit is like a spectacle for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, it’s like a big bowl mixed with a garnish of wood, propane, gas, and ash – the perfect recipe for dirt accumulation. Keep your pit clean and spotless to keep it scratch-free and polished and less prone to corrosion and rust.

2. Handle your Pits with Care

Clean and handle your chimeneas as if it were fragile and vulnerable, because the truth is, it really is! Before cleaning, make sure all ashes and debris have been properly removed. During the wet season, or if you do not plan to use your fire pit for a long period of time, store it in a safe place or put a protective cover on it to shield it from dust and moisture. This will help your fireplace last longer and avoid rust and corrosion.

3. Use Basic Cleaning

Materials Avoid using chemicals or solvents in cleaning your steel hearth, this could lead to rusting or quick deterioration of your outdoor pit. Soap, warm water, and a steel brush should do you just fine to remove excess dirt or grease.

4. Avoid Using Plastic

Aside from being harmful to the ozone layer, burning plastic in your chimenea can melt in the heat, when it wilts and dries up, it will then stick to your fireplace, making it difficult for you to remove the residue later on.

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