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2 Sunjoy Outdoor Storage Ideas for a More Organized Outdoor Space

22 Sep 2022 0 Comments
2 Sunjoy Outdoor Storage Ideas for a More Organized Outdoor Space

The concept of "outdoor storage" is completely new to some people. But in a crisis of ever-increasing outdoor supplies and dwindling outdoor space, people are starting to realize the importance of outdoor storage.

In addition to gardening tools, recreational items, and other exterior essentials, adequate storage space is a must for an outdoor living space. Create your own outdoor storage to suit your needs. These DIY outdoor storage projects can also enhance the style and function of your porch, patio, or deck.

Sunjoy aims to propose outdoor storage ideas to create a more organized outdoor space.

Elements such as children, pets, and inclement weather are common spoilers of outdoor living spaces. There is always a pile of food packaging and toys left behind where the kids have played 🍹, the dogs will destroy anything they can chew, and the strong winds will leave behind many unexplained remains that life brings Valuable backyard items. 🥰

Outdoor storage isn’t exactly straightforward. Unlike a home that has closets, cabinets, and drawers to hide your unappealing possessions, a backyard is wide open, meaning you have to think outside the box to organize and store your stuff.💕

But no matter your backyard situation — whether you have a teeny balcony, medium-sized patio, or sprawling lawn, fortunately, there are great solutions to keep your backyard, patio, lawn, or small balcony from becoming a mess, Allowing you to store your landscaping tools, pool cleaning equipment, gardening materials, kids’ toys, and more reasonably. Plus, larger DIY storage projects can increase curb appeal.🌻

We've listed some outdoor space storage ideas to hide the plethora of backyard barricades you've probably been bothering with for months, and solutions to transform your outdoor space into an organized, uncluttered paradise.👏

  • Store Firewood in an Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack
  • Is the firewood in your backyard very scattered? It takes up a lot of space, which is a headache but it is difficult to arrange it neatly.🌟

    This YardCove Outdoor Cedar Firewood Storage Rack Shed with Asphalt Roof is ideal for eliminating messy piles and storing wood off the ground, keeping it dry, and organized, and increasing the life of the firewood. 

    The rack is constructed of high-grade solid cedarwood, with built-in 2-tier shelving for ease of organization. The tilted asphalt roof and waterproof coating protect the shed from inclement weather, and its durable construction makes it a long-lasting solution to your firewood storage needs.🥳

  • Use a Metal Pool Storage Rack to Store Pool Toys
  • A DIY metal outdoor pool storage rack holds pool toys such as air rafts, water guns, toy balls, and even cleaning equipment like a pool scrubber!🌴

    Tidy up your pool deck with this SummerCove Outdoor Black Pool Float Storage Rack, Multi-Use Storage Organizer Bin.

    Featuring three fixed dividers and a built-in bin, this rack and bin provide ample storage to help organize your outdoor space. Crafted with a powder-coated metal frame to ensure sturdiness and durability. The bin is finished with a natural wood grain appearance. Store pool floats, noodles, toys, balls, etc. 

    The elevated legs keep everything off the ground for faster drying and to prevent mildew and mold from forming underneath.🎊

  • Construct an Outdoor Storage Bench
  • An outdoor storage bench is a no-brainer for your backyard. It’s a dual-purpose item that saves space, holds up to harsh weather, and looks great among your patio furniture, you can build it yourself, and take advantage of a narrow bookcase to create a padded storage bench. Just collect some foam, fabric, a can of paint, and free labor - your used bookcase will be reborn as a dual-purpose seating area.🙌

    In terms of storage possibilities, you can get creative:

    Use it to store outdoor pillows, blankets for cozying up around the fire, pool toys, or towels. If you have enough seating space, it also doubles as a buffet or drink table.🥤

  • Transform Your Tool Shed
  • Using a tool shed is a very convenient and efficient way to store lawn mowers, landscaping tools, plant pots, and hoses that you need to maintain and beautify your backyard.🌳

    While a tool shed can be the answer to storing garden equipment, it can also be quite cluttered on its own. Tool sheds often don't have clever interiors, and users who don't care will pile them up in a cluttered fashion. You'll need to make some basic changes to upgrade your tool shed, get rid of bulky shelves, and install rails, utensil racks, and S-hooks to hold small garden tools. Add wall hooks, or hang a sturdy box to store items like fertilizer and plant spray to keep everything organized.💗

  • Vertically Store Gardening Tools
  • For limited space, the golden rule is not to introduce any solution that will waste the remaining activity space. Therefore, having a wooden box with a large storage space to store your gardening tools is never the right answer. Also, having these lockers within the reach of the kids would be a bad decision for your family who will definitely turn these tools into their own toys.🌞

    You can use hanging organizers to store shoes, winter accessories, and even cleaning supplies, so why not use them in your backyard too?

    Hanging organizers are great for storing your gardening gloves, scissors, seeds, and other items, and keep these tools out of the ground where kids can’t touch them.🎉

  • Make a DIY Garden Hose Rack
  • The hose is a particularly useful device for watering flowers in the backyard garden, but after use, due to its length, how to properly position it so that it does not pile up in a mess on the ground is a question worth thinking about.🌸

    This DIY garden hose holder does three important things:

    1. It makes your hose easy to use
    2. It prevents your hose from ending up in a pile on the ground
    3. It looks very chic sitting in your garden
  • Build an Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage
  • The coffee table with storage makes it easy to organize the table top and decorate the outdoors.🍷

    We can get it after simple steps:

    Start by gathering some wooden boxes, paint them with paint, glue them to a sturdy square piece of plywood, and finally add the casters.

    Voila! You have a portable rustic coffee table with plenty of storage for refreshments, drinks, plants, and maybe even some books.🍀

  • Turn Old Blinds into Towel Racks
  • If your battered, weathered blinds are almost falling off their hinges, now's a chance for a new life: Flip it over, buy and install a few hooks, and you'll easily get a blind towel rail to keep your towels tidy Hang it.

    You don't even have to paint or sand the edges if you're not willing to touch it up too much. The worn look only adds to its rustic charm.💕

  • Build an Outdoor Self-service Cabinet
  • Everyone may have a variety of storage needs based on their personalities, backyard settings, and weekend routines. You may need to store shovels, and plant pots, and maybe you have to make room for pool tools and children's toys. Or, you might need a place to store party essentials.💕

  • Put Your Child's Toys in a Weatherproof Basket
  • Plastic baskets are a beautiful home for kids' toy storage, just grab a few lightweight plastic bins to store your child's assortment of toys.  If they are color-coordinated, stackable, and perforated, can Bonus points. Color-coordinated as a small outdoor decoration, and perforated to allow dirt and water to easily fall off the bottom. Even your youngest child can easily organize his toys.👍

  • Turn Cabinets into Potting Benches
  • If you have an unused wardrobe, bookcase, or cupboard in your home, don't throw it away. Taking it to the backyard for a refurbishment, using good sanding and a fresh coat of paint can turn an old cabinet into the perfect outdoor potting station.

    Store gardening gloves, garden tools, and seed packets in drawers, and use shelves and cupboards to store bags of nutrient soil, fertilizer, pesticides, and a few extra pots.🌷

  • Build a Wooden Bench with a Crate
  • A wooden bench with crate storage brings a fun twist to the classic storage bench. Use the open storage bench to put in several wooden boxes that are perfect for storing blankets, towels, garden tools or children's toys.

    If the weather turns bad, just bring the crate inside to protect your belongings.🙌

  • Hang the Storage Bucket on the Fence
  • Hanging outdoor storage buckets are another great idea for vertical storage. Just screw a few hooks into your fence and hang a durable plastic bucket on each hook.

    It's an easy, easy-to-install way to keep your child's toys organized and within reach.

    The above are all the small ideas for outdoor finishing. You can follow the learning and do it, and carefully organize your backyard. Tidy backyard, you and I will work hard!🥰💗

    Do you have a problem with too little outdoor space? How did you solve this problem?Use the hashtag #Sunjoylife to share your idea or opinion with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok.

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