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16 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Hard-top gazebos are generally more durable, but they also require proper maintenance and care due to their constant exposure to the elements. 

Want your gazebo to last longer? Here are some tips to prolong its lifespan and preserve its beauty!

Tip #1: Secure Your Gazebo
Sunjoy Brown 11 ft. x 13 ft. Cedar Framed Gazebo with 2-tier Steel Roof and Hook

To minimize chances of damage during periods of strong wind, rain or snow, ensure that your gazebos are secured. Sunjoy’s gazebos come with stakes for you to anchor them to soil ground. Alternatively, you may use expansion bolts to firmly secure the gazebo to concrete surfaces. 


Tip #2: Conduct Preventive Maintenance

As with all structures, a gazebo needs to be checked about twice a year for signs of splits or cracks. These issues need to be fixed before they worsen.

We also recommend inspecting your gazebos after heavy rains, storms or other similar events. This will help you to identify and rectify any damage as soon as it occurs.


Tip #3: Clear The Path Around Your Gazebo

Clearing the area around your gazebo is vital as it ensures adequate ventilation, and reduces occurrences of moisture damage. This also helps to keep your backyard looking clean and well-maintained. 

Leave at least 3 feet of your gazebo’s surroundings free of foliage. Remember to dig out or remove any shrubs, vines or weeds!

Sunjoy 10.5 ft. x 12.5 ft. Brown Steel Gazebo with 2-tier Hip Roof Hardtop and Curtains

Tip #4: Conduct Routine Checks For Mildew And Mold

Mildew is a type of fungi, often gray or white, that lies on the surface of a moist area. Mold, on the other hand, is black or green and often appears during a much larger infestation. 

Mold and mildew can be removed easily, with a store-bought cleaner and a sponge, rag or soft scrubbing brush. Refrain from using chemical cleaners, as they may damage your gazebo. After you wipe the gazebo with the cleaner, rinse all surfaces with water. 

As mentioned in Tip #3, make sure to clear unwanted grass and shrubs near the gazebo, to ensure that the surroundings remain dry and mold-free.


Tip #5: Check The Roof 

Roofs are often one of the first parts of the gazebo to experience damage, due to storms, rain or snow, so it is especially important to inspect them and attend to any loose joints or cracks immediately. 

Similar to the maintenance of your house’s roof, keep the top of the gazebo as dry as possible. Snow should be cleared off regularly using a plastic snow rake, especially once it gets thicker than 4 inches. 

Hard Top Gazebo

Tip #6: Check For Birds Or Insect Infestation

Inspect both the interior and exterior of your gazebo for insect and bird nests or infestations every month, especially during spring and summer. Dealing with these will help maintain your gazebo’s structural integrity. As a precaution, spray insecticides and pesticides occasionally.

Be careful with the removal of nests. Spray them with insect-specific insecticide and verify that there is no more activity inside. Afterwards, knock it down with a long-handled broom. 


Tip #7: Repaint or Coat Your Gazebo
Sunjoy 11 ft. x 11 ft. Cedar Framed Gazebo with Brown Steel and Polycarbonate Hip Roof Hardtop
Repaint your gazebo every couple of years to prevent rusting and maintain its state. Fill gaps with caulk before applying paint. If you would like to preserve the wood finish, coat the gazebo with waterproof sealant and reapply them every few years.

Tip #8: Use Normal Washers Instead Of Pressure Washers

Using a pressure washer to clean your gazebo can damage or nick the paint, which could lead to rust, as well as the hassle of repainting or applying new waterproof sealant. The high pressure can also loosen the top layer of wood gazebos and shorten their lifespan.


Investing time and effort to maintain your gazebo will help you to save the cost of buying another unit. We hope that these tips are helpful for you!

If you are interested in finding out how to maintain soft-top gazebos or pergolas, click here

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