Can Floor Chairs be Ergonomic?

Are you someone who enjoys sitting on the floor? If so, have you ever heard that sitting in different positions causes unnecessary stress on certain points of the body? Especially sitting on the floor and not moving for a while. It is said to be very bad for the back and spine, and in extreme cases, it may even cause arthritis. The only options we used to have were switching positions every once in a while, or early-generation ergonomic chairs, which, let’s be real, were not fully researched or well-developed yet.

In recent years, health professionals have advised that sitting on the floor has its benefits, too. Not only does it help with your natural posture and curvature of the spine, it also helps with strengthening the back muscles and improving flexibility. The only downside is lower back pain—something traditionally associated with sitting on the floor for an extended period of time.

There’s finally a solution that both allows you to sit on the floor, yet experience maximum comfort for extended periods of time. A floor chair, which minimizes the cons of sitting on the floor, yet maximizes the benefits.


Introducing Sunjoy’s very own ergonomic floor chairs:

GameRider Foldable Rocking Gaming Chair












This racer seat-style chair is covered in black nylon mesh fabric with sporty red racing stripes. Nylon mesh is known to be durable, easy to clean, resistant to mildew and tear-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about your kids ruining the chair too easily. 

The chair gives full-body support, and the integrated bump-out headrest is designed specifically for comfort during extended gaming, studying, or working sessions. This chair can rock, too! This feature is perfect for smooth and small movements, which is great if you need to fidget, or simply change your position every once in a while. 

The GameRider Foldable Rocking Gaming Chair has a weight capacity of up to 220lbs, but the chair itself only weighs 18.96lbs. It is a simple and fuss-free floor chair that can be folded in half and is lightweight, which makes it easy for storage when not in use.

GameRider Swivel Gaming Floor Chair












The GameRider Swivel Gaming Chair features a 360-degree swivel base, 6 adjustable locking headrest and backrest positions, wide armrests for maximum comfort and side storage pouches. The locking positions are fully customizable to suit your body and habits, adjustable headrest for your neck, backrest for high back and lumbar support. The lumbar support helps relieve strain and pressure on the spine by supporting its natural curvature, and this chair was designed with ergonomic features in mind. The cover of this chair is also nylon mesh, the same fabric as our GameRider Foldable Rocking Gaming Chair, making it durable, mildew-resistant, tear-resistant, and easy-to-clean. 

It comes in a deep blue accent color with coordinated perimeter piping and a weight of just 23.2lbs. The chair can hold a weight capacity of up to 225lbs. Just like our GameRider Foldable Rocking Gaming Chair, this swivel chair is also made to be foldable for easy storage!


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