Creating The Right Space For Work & Play

Working from home has become the new norm in recent years, which means that the office tables we purchase for our homes have to be carefully selected, rather than an afterthought. The ideal table must be able to hold all the essential items you need for work. Here are some tips that you should take note of in order to help select the best table for your needs.

1. Height of table

For those who spend much of their time behind a desk, discomfort in their neck and back regions are the most common complaint. Selecting a table with a suitable height will certainly help keep those aches at bay. Tables that are around 28 to 32 inches in height from the ground up are ideal for people around the height of 5'7" to 5'10". Our Studio Space 58" Brown Cherry Simulated Wood Finish Computer Desk is the optimal height for many who are within that height range.Studio Space 58" Brown Cherry Simulated Wood Finish Computer Desk

 2. Table length

The length of a desk should also be a key consideration when deciding which desk is ideal for you. A good length for tables is between 46 inches and 60 inches, which will allow you to have enough space for your work essentials while still keeping everything within easy reach! (Psst, you will even have some space for a cup of coffee to start the day!) Our Studio Space 47" Industrial Design Home Office Computer Desk is clean and minimalistic, while still being spacious enough to hold everything you could need for work.Studio Space 47" Industrial Design Home Office Computer Desk

3. Storage space

Last but certainly not the least, you need some storage space for your desk setup! Items that you do not use often can be kept in drawers to minimize clutter. This not only frees up space to provide for a more conducive work environment, it also helps you stay organized! Our Studio Space 60" White Modern Home Office Desk not only has ample storage space, it also looks incredible!Studio Space 60" White Modern Home Office DeskWe hope you found these work-from-home tips useful in creating your ideal workspace. If you liked the products featured here, be sure to check out our collection of office furniture for a variety of needs! Have fun assembling your perfect workstation, and feel free to share pictures with us on social media, with the hashtag #sunjoymoments. We can't wait to see your ideal home office setups!

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