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03 May 2021 0 Comments

With these tips, you can transform your backyard into your ideal hideaway.

Let's face it: we all spend a lot more time at home these days, so creating our backyards as a special place to be is more essential than ever. Any backyard can be transformed into a relaxing haven for you and your whole family with these 5 simple tips.

Simple Yet Stylish

Pergolas can be used to define spaces in your backyard oasis. It can be used to create focal points, separate spaces depending on the purpose, or provide transitions from one space to another. 

@Maisondemings has always wanted to build a sitting area in her backyard, so she added an 8'x8' steel pergola with a sunshade from Sunjoy. The pergola complements her outdoor space, and she loves the sunshade, which keeps her cool, specifically during the summer months. The shade's material is breathable, and has already endured strong spring winds.

An Outdoor Oasis 

A gazebo elevates the outdoor oasis to a new level of luxury.
More flexible than tents but less permanent (and cheaper!) than a building, gazebos are extremely versatile—use it for glamping, or as an outdoor entertaining space. They also make cozy hang-out spots whatever the season.
Like @brookemoraleshome  did with her gazebo, you can jazz it up with romantic cozy vibes for a comfy night under the stars, or you can draw the curtains up and instantly turn it into a beautiful glamping spot right in your backyard. You can even refresh its look by switching the style of the decor whenever you want!

A Campfire in Your Backyard

Nothing says cozy and comfortable like the sound of crackling fire in a backyard fire pit. Imagine unwinding with friends and family around your own fire pit on a chilly evening, sipping cocktails, toasting marshmallows, and creating s'mores.
That’s the scene that will greet you in @hartley_home's outdoor space, where you will find a spa-like pool and hot tub, accompanied by the sound of crackling firewood and rustling palm trees. With an outdoor space like that, who even needs to go on vacation anymore? 
Using Sunjoy's Circular Cement Firepit as a statement piece, she accomplished this luxurious villa vibe in her own backyard. What a beautiful combination!

Final Touch: Add Coziness!

Everyone needs a safe space where they can unwind with a nice book, or a glass of your favorite wine! All you need is some cozy seating, matching throw-overs, fluffy pillows and a portable cooler drink cart. 
Take a peek at how @myhouseof8 used Sunjoy's Cedar Wood Gazebo to introduce coziness to her backyard. Her muted shade cushions helps bring out the understated design of the gazebo, perfectly complementing the lush green landscape of her backyard. 

Don’t Forget the Drinks!

Let’s not forget the portable bar cart on wheels for gatherings and social events. The bar cart's best feature is that it includes a built-in bottle opener, perfect for family get-togethers like the ones @galvanized_chic_boutique hosts. This is, without a question, a must-have!
We hope that this guide has inspired you to create your ideal backyard hideaway. Share photos of your backyard transformation with us on Instagram with the hashtag #sunjoymoments. We can’t wait to see how all of you have put your Sunjoy products to good use.
Blog Post Contributed By: Dion
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