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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with 7 Affordable Fire Pits Under $200

08 Dec 2023 0 Comments
Enhance Your Outdoor Space with 7 Affordable Fire Pits Under $200

An outdoor fire pit has the power to completely transform your outdoor area, offering both mesmerizing entertainment and comforting warmth on chilly nights. The good news? You don't have to break the bank to find a great one. In this guide, we've curated seven fantastic fire pits priced under $200 that combine functionality, style, and affordability.


When browsing through our collection of fire pits that cost less than $200, it is important to take note of the size and discount offered for each product. The cost of fire pits is often influenced by their dimensions, but the price you pay can also be affected by sales and promotions. Smaller fire pit options are typically more affordable.

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1. Black Steel Round Bowl Wood Burning Fire Pit

Ideal for smaller spaces at just under 22" wide, this bowl-shaped fire pit is a stylish steal under $60. Its lightweight bowl and base are separate parts, making assembly and storage effortless. For longevity, store it in a dry place as water contact may cause rust. Consider adding a cover for added protection.

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2. 29 in. Black Steel Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen

A highly-rated option around $100, this steel wood-burning fire pit boasts a diameter of just under 30" and a height of over 18", making it suitable for compact spaces. Easy to assemble, clean, and store, it comes with a spark screen and fire poker for added convenience and safety.

3. 26 in. Square Copper Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

This Winston Porter fire pit offers a deep, plant-patterned body for extended burning time. Despite its capacity, it remains lightweight and compact. A spark screen and fire poker are included, but avoid placing them on wooden decks.

4. 30 in. Copper Steel Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen

The 30-inch round wood-burning fire pit is a beautiful addition to any patio or backyard. Its portability makes it versatile and suitable for different settings. The tree pattern design allows light to filter through and distribute heat effectively, providing a comfortable experience even if you're not right next to the fire.

The ring encircling the bowl is perfect for skewers, allowing for convenient grilling without the need to hold them constantly. Its rustic yet refined finish adds charm while being resistant to rust, ensuring it can withstand outdoor elements. Equipped with a fire poker and mesh cover, it enhances safety by limiting sparks.

5. 38 in. Large Wood Burning Fire Pit with Adjustable Grill

At $180, this robust fire pit stands about 30" tall and 38" wide, offering ample space and an adjustable grill grate for BBQ and cooking. Its large size ensures sturdiness and strength for various uses.

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6. 26 in. Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit with Spark Screen

Crafted with durable materials, this stone fire pit combines rustic elements with an elegant design. It's easy to assemble, includes a spark screen for safety, and adds a cozy touch to gatherings.

7. 31 in. Outdoor Round Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Standing over 23" tall, this fire pit features a unique mesh pattern body, elevating the visual appeal of your outdoor area. It includes an interior grate, spark screen, and fire poker for safety and usability. Avoid placing it on wooden decks.

Maximizing Your Fire Pit Area: Adding Seating Arrangements or Gazebos

Creating an inviting and comfortable space around your fire pit can further enhance your outdoor experience. Consider complementing your fire pit with suitable seating arrangements or gazebos.

Seating Arrangements:

Investing in comfortable outdoor seating can encourage more frequent use of your fire pit area. Opt for weather-resistant chairs, benches, or even cozy outdoor sofas that complement the style of your fire pit. Arrange the seating around the fire pit to facilitate conversations and gatherings. Adirondack chairs, cushioned benches, or even rustic wooden seating can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Gazebos or Outdoor Shelters:

For a more defined and sheltered outdoor space, consider adding a hardtop gazebo or outdoor shelter near the fire pit. Metal gazebos not only provide shade during sunny days but also protect against light rain, allowing you to enjoy your fire pit area in various weather conditions. You can create a cozy, intimate atmosphere by adorning the hot tub gazebo with string lights, drapes, or outdoor lanterns.

Designing the Layout:

Carefully plan the layout of your seating and gazebo to ensure they complement the fire pit area without obstructing the view or access to the fire pit. Create a harmonious arrangement where guests can comfortably sit around the fire while enjoying the warmth and ambiance it offers.

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Safety Measures:

When incorporating seating around the fire pit, ensure adequate distance to maintain safety. Position seating at a safe distance from the fire pit to prevent accidental contact with flames or embers. Additionally, educate guests on fire safety guidelines, such as avoiding overcrowding around the fire and using caution when sitting near the flames.

By integrating suitable seating arrangements or gazebos around your fire pit, you can elevate the overall appeal and functionality of your outdoor space, creating a welcoming environment for gatherings, relaxation, and enjoying the cozy warmth of the fire.


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