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How Much Does a Gazebo for Your Backyard Cost?

23 Apr 2023 0 Comments
How Much Does a Gazebo for Your Backyard Cost? |  sunjoygroup

Welcome to the Sunjoy complete guide on gazebo cost and design.

A backyard gazebo is a great addition to any outdoor space, providing the perfect setting for relaxing, entertaining, or hosting events. However, the cost of building a gazebo can vary based on many factors such as the size, materials, design, and other features of the gazebo you choose.👍👍

In this guide, we're going to explore the different factors that affect the cost of a gazebo as you choose from different sizes, materials, designs, and features.

Whether you plan to hire a professional to build your gazebo or choose to build it yourself, we'll help you understand how much it costs to build a gazebo, as well as some of the basic maintenance needed to keep your gazebo in great shape.💕

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a free standing, open-sided, roofed outdoor structure that is often used as a gathering place for outdoor picnics, parties, or gatherings with friends and family.🌞

Gazebos can be built from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and vinyl, and they can range from traditional designs to very modern.

Gazebos are a popular addition to gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces, not least of all because of the shade they provide. A gazebo is like an outdoor room with a roof and ventilation on all sides.🥂🥂

In your backyard, you can decorate a gazebo with flowers and climbing plants to make it look organic and eye-catching. Many people will choose to put a grill, fire pit or hot tub beneath the gazebo. If you want to kit out your gazebo like this, there will inevitably be some extra costs.

A complete guide on affecting the cost of your gazebo is below.

Purpose of this guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the different factors that affect the cost of a gazebo. Whether you're planning to build your gazebo yourself or hire a professional to do it, understanding the costs associated with these two different options will help you make a choice that fits your budget.

With this guide, you'll learn how different sizes, materials, and features compare, and the pros and cons of hiring a professional or building it yourself.💗

By the end of this guide, you'll have a better understanding of the factors that affect the cost of a gazebo when planning to build it, and you will be able to make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.🌸🌸

What are the specific factors that affect the cost of gazebos?

Size is a primary factor that affects the cost of a gazebo, with larger gazebos costing more than smaller ones.

The materials used to make a gazebo also affect its cost, with hardtop roofs costing significantly more than canvas soft top designs.

The design and style of your gazebo can also affect its cost, with more unique or intricate designs costing more than simpler ones. Any additional features or accessories will also affect the cost of the gazebo.

Professional labor, such as a contractor, will significantly add to the cost of any gazebo project.🥳

About the dimensions of different gazebos

Gazebo sizes vary greatly depending on their intended use.

Smaller gazebos, are perfect for creating intimate, cozy outdoor spaces, while larger gazebos are more spacious and can accommodate more people, making them ideal for dining areas and entertaining.Sunjoy Outdoor Patio 9x9 Brown Wooden Frame Backyard Hardtop Gazebo with Ceiling Hook  💕  Sunjoy Outdoor Patio 13x15 Black Wooden Frame Steel Gable Roof Backyard Hardtop Gazebo/Pavilion with Ceiling Hook


About the material of the gazebo:

Different gazebo materials will affect both the durability and the time commitment required for its ongoing maintenance. Different materials can also create a striking variety of mood and aesthetics. Some common materials used for gazebos are wood, metal, vinyl, and canvas.

Wood gazebos look natural and can be painted or stained to reflect your unique aesthetic. Metal gazebos are strong and look very modern.🎉🎉

Wood gazebo:

Wooden gazebos are beautiful and classic outdoor structures.SummerCove Outdoor Patio 12x14 Brown Wooden Frame Gable Roof Backyard Hardtop Gazebo/Pavilion with Ceiling Hook

SummerCove Outdoor Patio 12x14 Brown Wooden Frame Gable Roof Backyard Hardtop Gazebo/Pavilion with Ceiling Hook

However, they require a lot of maintenance, as insects and the weather can damage them over time. If the wood is chipped, you'll need to sand it down and apply a new coat of color.💐

Metal Gazebo:

Metal gazebos are durable and at the same time they have a very modern look. Metal gazebos can be made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant for easy movement and assembly. Steel gazebos are very strong and can withstand inclement weather, but are not rustproof.

Wooden gazebos are usually more expensive than metal gazebos because wood is expensive, and metal gazebos made of aluminum or steel are usually less expensive and easier to care for than wooden gazebos.Sunjoy Outdoor Patio 11x13 Black 2-Tier Aluminum Frame Backyard Hardtop Gazebo with Metal Ceiling Hook and Netting

Sunjoy Outdoor Patio 11x13 Black 2-Tier Aluminum Frame Backyard Hardtop Gazebo with Metal Ceiling Hook and Netting

Different styles and designs:

Gazebos offer a wide variety of different styles and designs for you to choose from. In addition, you can add seating, lights, or plants and flowers to personalize your gazebo and make it a reflection of your personality and needs.🍃🍃

Features and Additional Accessories:

You can make a gazebo both comfortable and beautiful by adding seats, lighting, plants, and flowers, etc. Depending on where you live, it can also be a smart idea to add netting to prevent mosquitoes from entering, or curtains for privacy.

If you love to cook outside, you can add a grill to your gazebo and create a sheltered outdoor kitchen. You can also add a fan or heater to keep you comfortable all year round.

backyard gazebo

About the cost of gazebo add-ons:

Add-ons add to the overall cost of your gazebo. However, they can also make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable.


Lighting can add to the ambience of a gazebo, and common lighting options include string lights, lanterns, and chandeliers. Plus, solar lighting is an economical and environmentally friendly option.🥂

Furniture and decorations:

The choice of furniture depends on your intended use for the gazebo and your personal preferences. Things like seating, drapes, and rugs can add atmosphere and texture to a space.💗💗

backyard gazebo

Gazebo installation cost:

Professional Installation:

Professional installation trades labor for cost, and the cost of a professional installation can vary depending on the size and complexity of your gazebo. Professional installation can give you peace of mind and save time and energy in the long run.


Assembling a gazebo yourself is a DIY process that saves on labor costs. It requires basic carpentry skills as well as tools, depending on the size of the gazebo. The DIY installation process is time consuming and can take days, especially with larger gazebos. However, this process is made considerably less difficult and time intensive when purchasing a ready-to-assemble gazebo from Sunjoy. Each piece is pre-cut, and pre-drilled, speeding up the assembly process considerably while still guaranteeing a beautiful, finished product.💗

Regarding the cost of later maintenance of the gazebo:

Regular maintenance keeps your gazebo in good shape and can greatly extend its lifespan. The cost of maintenance can vary depending on the material of the gazebo. Maintenance costs may also include replacing damaged parts and repairing wear and tear. Regular maintenance can prevent more costly repairs in the long run, while also ensuring that your gazebo continues to be in good shape and function.


Gazebos can be a great addition to any outdoor space and provide a comfortable place to relax and entertain. The cost of a gazebo can be greatly influenced by factors such as size, material, and more.

Professional installation also adds to the cost, however regular maintenance will keep your gazebo in good shape, and with proper care and maintenance on your part, a well-built gazebo can last for many years.🌞🌞


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