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How to Install Sunjoy Outdoor Gazebo and Pergola to Grass, Wood, or Concrete Surface

19 Aug 2022 0 Comments
How to Install Sunjoy Outdoor Gazebo and Pergola to Grass, Wood, or Concrete Surface

Excited to build a backyard, bought a gazebo or pergola but didn't know how to install it? 

The outdoor structure of each home is different, and everyone has a different idea of where to install a gazebo and pergola. Some people want to install it on soft grass, while others need to install it on wood surfaces, concrete surfaces, etc.

But don't worry, today Sunjoy teaches you how to install a gazebo or pergola on different surfaces outdoors.

Metal gazebos are very heavy, which allows them to hold still well in wind and heavy rain, as long as the installation is firm enough to withstand its forces.👍🏽

Now comes the part that might confuse you, how to install the gazebo on a concrete surface. Fortunately, attaching the gazebo to the wood surface, paving stones, patio stones, or even concrete works the same way.👏
Let’s take a look at what to do.🥰

  • How to Install a Gazebo to Wood and Concrete Surface 
  •  This SummerCove Outdoor Patio 13x15 Black Aluminum Backyard Hardtop Gazebo with Metal Planters and Ceiling Hook creates a perfect outdoor setting. Create the perfect outdoor setting for any time of the year. Spend all four seasons enjoying a covered spot outdoors under the natural wood-looking frame made of rust-proof aluminum and rust-resistant galvanized steel. The four built-in planters are the perfect place to add greenery or florals during warmer months for color. Use them to hold dried corn stalks or wheat bundles for some autumnal decor.

    This gazebo is installed on a concrete Surface, installing a gazebo on concrete doesn't have to be a daunting task. This becomes very easy if you have the right equipment at the ready, like a drill, bolts, or rods. You will need to buy these accessories separately at your local hardware store.

    Using bolts

    Bolt down the legs to secure a gazebo to concrete. 

    If you decide to use bolts, you will need a drill to help you out. Sunjoy gazebos already have holes in their feet, simply set up your gazebo, mark the point on the concrete surface where the bolt should go, and start drilling. Once done you can secure the gazebo to the concrete surface with the bolt. Repeat this procedure for all 4 legs. Please confirm the position you want, once drilled, it cannot be changed.

    Using rods

    Just like with the bolts, you will need to drill considerable holes. Make sure to mark the holes exactly where they are, once drilled, they cannot be changed.

    Once all the holes are drilled and the rods are inserted into the holes, you can slowly lower your gazebo onto the rods. 

    The rods will be permanent but that doesn’t mean you can’t take down your gazebo, so placed the rods in such a way that they won’t be a nuisance when not in use.

    Proper installation of a pergola or gazebo will keep its shape intact, ensuring that the posts will not move over time for long-term safety and stability. A good installation will make the pergola or gazebo stand the test longer.🙌

    A pergola must be firmly anchored to the ground for a number of reasons. Chief among them is safety. A poorly anchored pergola is at risk of being moved by strong winds if there is a canopy or covering that increases the pergola's wind load during storms or high winds. 🍃

    The second is to ensure the long-term stability of the pergola to maintain its shape of the pergola. Over time, wooden structures bend or twist to some extent. But with proper anchoring, your pergola can keep its shape for years.👏


  • How to Install a Pergola to Grass Surface
  •  This SummerCove Outdoor Patio 10x6 Modern Black Metal Pergola Kit with Cedar Wood Privacy Screen and Hooks is a perfect choice.🙌

    Made of a durable steel frame with a premium cedar wood screen, this attractive modern style pergola kit complements most home designs.

    Invite your family or friends to enjoy your backyard vacation style.🍃

    This pergola is installed on soft grass, since the grass is softer, it is relatively easy to install.

    When installing, first use drill M3 HSS to drill holes corresponding to the post base on the grass, and drive the expansion bolt M6x80 into the holes of the post base and ground to fix the pergola.

    Then connect assembled pergola to the ground with stake Φ8*180 and post base, and the product assembly is completed.

    It can be installed on the grass with our matching accessories.

    Where are you going to install the gazebo or pergola? Did you encounter any problems during installation? Use the hashtag #Sunjoylife to share your idea or opinion with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok.
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