Sunjoy Outdoor Patio 11x13 Black 2-Tier Wooden Frame Backyard Hardtop Gazebo with Ceiling Hook

SKU: A102007500
  • Ventilated 2-Tier Top
  • Sturdy & Stable Construction
  • Strong Double-Layer Beams
  • Easy to Build
  • Built-in Dual Rail System
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Questions & Answers

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  • When should the posts be anchored to a concrete patio...The plate first and then insert the posts, after the frome goes up or after the project is complete and perfectly squared?

    The last step is to install the stake.

  • Do you make a 10x15 with the wood post system?

    The tents are currently only available in the sizes sold on the website.

  • Your statistics state that the wind resistance on your model A102007500 is 31.1 MPH, my question is that if it is attached to a structural deck or not mounted to anything? I am wanting to mount that on my existing deck one story off of the ground.

    It is recommended to use concrete wedge anchor . In addition, if you are afraid of insufficient strength, you can also buy some counterweights.

  • How much snow can this roof take before being brushed off?

    The snow load is 22.5lbs/square foot.

  • What is the wind rating for the Gazebo? If secured to a wooden deck how much wind can it withstand?

    It can hold 31.1 mph wind resistance with using stake.

  • How long does it take to get it after ordering it

    Dear Customer,you can contact us at to get help.

  • Can someone tell me the exact measurement from the ground to the outermost edge of the roof overhang? I have a tree trunk nearby that will have minimal clearance and I want to be sure it will fit with some wiggle room.

    The post to post size is 144.29x121.46 inches and the edge to edge size is 154.72x131.89 inches.

  • Can someone tell me the measurement from the ground to the outermost edge of the roof? I have a tree trunk very close on one side and want to be sure of the clearance. Thanks!

    Dear Customer, the measure from the ground to the outermost edge of the roof is 10 feet (121 inches). You may review under product specification as detailed drawings of this particular gazebo.

  • What is the weight capacity of the roof hanging?

    20 pounds.

  • How do you maintain the cedar posts?

    The cedars have the antiseptic treatment and varnished. Keep clean and dry for maintenance.

  • What size curtain and mosquito netting do you purchase for this gazebo 11 x 13?

    This is made for our wood gazebo with a post-to-post size of 10x12 Ft, a maximum size of 11x13 ft.

  • Can a fan be installed on the roof?

    Dear valued customer, we don't recommend hanging a fan on the gazebo. Thank you.

  • Can this be anchored into concrete?

    For solid foundations, such as patio concrete or wood, it is recommended to secure it with the appropriate anchors. While these types of anchors are not supplied with the product, but they can be easily purchased at their local hardware or home store. You can also suggest using tapcon screws for concrete and wood screws or wood lag screws for a wood surface to the customer.

  • How many boxes does it ship in?

    It ships in 1 box.

  • What are the dimensions of the shipping box?

    The shipping dimensions of the box are 20.67" H X 88.58" W X 31.89" D.

  • Does the cedar wood need to be stained or treated every year?

    You don't need to stain the cedar every year if it is not damaged.

  • Does the roof have any type of gutter system?

    Dear Customer,rain water will flow out of the roof edge and corner.

  • I would like to anchor my new gazebo to my concrete patio. What size screws do I need?

    You can use 1/4'' concrete wedge anchors that you can buy at local hardware store to secure the gazebo.

  • I know it comes with anchors. Are people drilling holes into their brick or concrete patio to secure the gazebo?

    Yes,you can use 1/4'' concrete wedge anchors that you can buy at local hardware store to secure the gazebo.

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