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5 Sunjoy Stunning Outdoor Heating Ideas to Warm Up Your Patio

09 Nov 2022 2 Comments
5 Sunjoy Stunning Outdoor Heating Ideas to Warm Up Your Patio

Make your outdoor space a beautiful oasis and a great place for relaxing or entertaining. Whether it's because the outdoors refreshes us, or it's just a change of scenery, all in all, it's a space to look forward to. Depending on the time of year and corresponding temperature, it can be a little difficult to truly appreciate your outdoor space in all seasons, especially the cold winter months. Fortunately, here are 5 Sunjoy winter heating ideas. ✨

  • Make Your Outdoor Patio Comfortable

Comfort is an art, but you don't need to learn the culture of comfort to know how to make your space super comfortable. In winter pillows, cushions, and blankets are an economical, low-effort option for outdoor heating. We prefer to add these elements to benches and lounge chairs, so you can share the warmth with your loved ones, snuggling together and keeping each other warm. 🙌

In winter, it is also visually colder, if you want to have a warm-toned space, you can choose decorations in colors with higher color saturation to create a comfortable atmosphere. Covering your pillows and cushions in these shades is a stylish way to create warmth in an outdoor space. 🌷

  • Bring The Heat with Fire Pits, Fireplaces, And Patio Heaters

Depending on how cold the winters are in your area, an additional heat source may be the best way to heat your outdoor space. Today, there are many options for heat sources in outdoor spaces. Fire pits and fireplaces have become common fixtures in outdoor spaces and are available in a variety of styles. Fire pits aren't just for winter, they can also be used for gatherings with friends and family to roast marshmallows together.🔥

  • Sunjoy 31 in. Outdoor Patio Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit
  • Enjoy your favorite beverage while swapping stories under the stars around this Sunjoy 31 in. Outdoor Fire Pit Black Steel Patio Fire Pit Wood Burning Backyard Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Fire Poker. Transform your backyard into a relaxation destination. The 31-inch powder-coated steel fire pit comes with a fire poker and mesh screen to limit embers and sparks. The stylized chevron design adds visual interest to the piece even when it’s not in use.👍

  • Sunjoy 32 in. Outdoor Patio Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit
  • Whether roasting marshmallows, enjoying a glass of wine, or just swapping stories under the stars this Sunjoy 32 in. Outdoor Fire Pit Brown and Gray Patio Fire Pit Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Fire Poker transform your backyard into a relaxing destination. Made from manufactured stone and powder-coated steel the patio fire pit enables you to build a sizeable warm fire. Surrounded by a manufactured stone fire pit looks like a custom built-in piece, but it’s lightweight enough to move around easily. A fire poker and a mesh screen cover are included to catch embers and sparks. Gather friends and family and enjoy time outdoors even more with this backyard fire pit.☀️

    ❤️(Note: avoid wood-burning fire pits beneath a structure of any sort)

  • Sunjoy 38 in. Outdoor Propane Gas Wicker Fire Pit Table
  • Transform your patio into the ultimate relaxation destination with this AmberCove 38 in. Smokeless Fire Pit Outdoor Wicker Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Lid. There’s nothing quite like an evening outside around the flickering and cozy fire. Made of a steel table top with a nice heat transfer look, all-weather wicker, and powder-coated steel this transitional design is sure to complement any outdoor space. Adjust the level of fire and heat with a convenient control knob. Conceal your propane tank (tank not included) out of the way underneath the fire pit. 🥰

  • Sunjoy 48 in. Outdoor Steel Wood Burning Stone Fireplace
  • There's nothing quite like an evening outside around a fire. Make every night at home feel special with this Sunjoy Outdoor 48 in. Black Steel Wood Burning Stone Fireplace with Fire Poker and Removable Grate. Made of manufactured stone and powder-coated steel this classic design is sure to complement any outdoor setting. Unlike open firepits, the smoke from this fireplace is directed up and away via the functional chimney while a mesh screen provides protection from embers and sparks. The removable grate makes ash clean up easily. Curl up for a cozy evening under the stars or invite friends and family over to roast marshmallows. You'll enjoy this fireplace for years to come.🥳

    ❤️(Note: avoid wood-burning fireplace beneath a structure of any sort)

    Don't worry if you can't fit a fire pit in your outdoor space. Patio heaters are also a great way to keep you warm don't worry about the flames getting out of control, propane gas is safe and green. And they even save more space than a typical fire pit.👍

  • Outdoor Patio Propane Heater with Wheels
  • Extend the time comfortably staying outdoors with this AmberCove Outdoor Patio 45,000 BTU Black Steel Portable Offset Propane Gas Heater with Wheels. With 45,000 BTUs the range of warmth is generous to ensure you and your friends only are thinking about good conversation versus being cold. 

    Matt black powder-coated steel frame with a rustproof powder-coated aluminum base,very strong and durable.The tabletop provides extra space to store refreshments. The simple push-button control starts the heat in an instant and the safety auto shut-off tilt valve turns it off if the unit happens to tip.🎊

    • Block the Wind

    With pillows and cushions to keep you warm and heat sources like a fire pit or heater, The only thing missing from your comfortable outdoor living is something to block the wind. Outdoor curtains are the best choice for wind protection, outdoor curtains are not only useful in this situation, but also a stylish decoration. ❤️(Notice: keep away from heat sources)

    • Bright Lights Bring Warmth

    Not only does this time of year bring cold weather, but the daylight is shorter and the time spent in outdoor spaces is reduced. In this case, you can brighten up your outdoor space by introducing interesting lighting fixtures like lanterns, string lights, etc. Lighting can create a warm atmosphere in any space and make the space feel more comfortable.🎇

    • Snacks And Wine Bring Warmth

    Finally, if you have some snacks or wine that you like in the outdoor space, it's so much fun to live outdoors. It may be a small point, but having the right snacks and drinks is also an important part of keeping your outdoor space safe from dreary winter days. When preparing your outdoor space, make sure you have the right areas and supplies to be able to serve drinks and snacks while entertaining.🍷🍮

    Bringing Our Outdoor Heating Ideas to life might take a little creativity, but you can have a toasty, cozy, chic outdoor space.💕

    Do you have any other warm tips for your outdoor patio in winter?🌟 Use the hashtag #Sunjoylife to share your idea or opinion with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok.

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    23 Nov 2022 Jennie

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    23 Nov 2022 Bernadette scott

    I absolutely love my hardtop gazebo. I do have a question about the curtains. Are there any caps for the end of the curtain track. I have tried all kind of thing but the curtain still comes off the end of the track and wind up on the ground. This could be solved with an end cap for the end of the curtain track. That would make me very happy.

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