5 Tips To Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting This Winter

Your home’s outdoor lighting system is specifically built to last through winter, spring, summer or fall. With the winter season looming upon us, the falling snow does very little to tarnish or damage your outdoor lighting, truth be told. If anything, the falling snowflakes play into your light’s favor pushing it to its limits and promoting an even longer life. 

Just because your outdoor lights were built for tough outdoor elements does not necessarily mean they don’t warrant a little tender loving care at least once a year. Here are 5 helpful tips to keep those illuminating décor pieces shining long and bright for many more years to come. 

Keep Your Lenses Spotless

In order for your bulbs or lenses to maintain its optimal performance, keeping them clean and spotless is the way to do it. A proprietary solution may be used to make sure that your lights maintain its sparkling brightness amidst torrid rains and heavy snow.

Remove Fallen Debris

Fallen leaves and debris can end up wherever, whenever. These rubbles can obstruct the light produced by your lenses, or worse, can create potential risks for fire. When leaves and debris pile up on a lamp fixture, these lamps exude heat that could start a fire. To avoid harm or danger, it is best to eradicate any type of fallen debris thwarting your outdoor lighting.

Keep Exposed Wires Out of the Way

With the ground in constant movement. During the winter, the freezing and defrosting of the ground can sometimes cause a cable to move up to the surface which can be hazardous to you and the people within your property. Be sure to rebury exposed wires or cables before the ground freezes and repair any exposed or damaged copper wires.

The freezing and thawing of the ground can sometimes cause a wire to work its way up to the surface. If possible, wires should be reburied before the ground, it will need to be repaired fir

Adjust Fixtures

Fixtures can get damaged or move out of placement over the course of time. Lights placed on trees, for instance, can encroach on your lighting fixtures. Take the time to periodically check on your lighting fixtures and re-align anything that’s gone haywire such as loose bolts and crooked gears.

Constantly Check on Light Bulbs

Constantly check on the bulbs of your outdoor lights. Bulbs that are burnt out need to be replaced immediately especially since each bulb draws out a small amount of voltage when running in a low voltage system, providing more voltage than usual and shortening the life of the good bulbs.

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