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Garden Projects to Help You Prep for Spring

30 Mar 2021 0 Comments
Garden Projects to Help You Prep for Spring

After weeks and weeks of being stuck indoors wearing layers and layers of clothing, the days have finally transcended into something a little bit brighter and warmer, showing us that spring has finally sprung!

Spring is one season that most of us look forward to as it is a time of year that holds so much promise, a time of year where we count down the days to when flowers will start blooming again, grass will be greener, the sun will finally peep, and the world will have so much color and vibrancy again!  

With that being said, it’s about time you take out your gardening tools and prep your green thumb as early March is the perfect time for you to say goodbye to late winter and get started on your gardening project in time for the season of color! We’ve rounded up several gardening projects for you to transform your dull, drab, and probably broken backyard into its lively form again:

Take out Your Outdoor Furniture

Now’s the best time to take out your outdoor furniture from storage and get them cleaned, repainted, or fixed. Your gazebo, seating set, bistro set, and fireplace would be the perfect icing on the cake if you pop it up for the spring season as it will immediately attract attention and bring shade to your space!  Make sure your furniture is well-protected and is suitable for outdoor use. The Sunjoy outdoor furniture line is built and designed to be resilient to heat, moisture, and rust so you can confidently use and leave them outdoors without worrying about damage.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Perk up your backyard by adding accessories that add a cozy element to your area. Perk up your backyard by adding accessories that add a cozy element to your area. This covered patio swing is the perfect outdoor spot for a good book and a cool drink, adds a touch of sweetness to any backyard setting. With a classic green and white cabana-striped awning the swing provides protection from the sun's glare and harmful UV rays. Constructed of a rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame and weather-resistant fabric it is designed to withstand the elements. This swing will be your go-to seat outside.

Use Multi-Colored Décor

Spring is usually associated with colorful hues and vibrancy, and nothing set the mood better than putting life into your patchwork by embellishing it with furniture pieces or decorative knick-knacks of different tints and shades! Throw pillows of varied colors, a colorful flower pot, decorated stakes, and many more! Find out how you can add more whimsy and fun pieces to your garden here
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