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Seal and Re-Stain Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

14 Apr 2023 0 Comments
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Spring and early summer are the best times of year to maintain your outdoor wood furniture, including wood furniture, pergolas, and gazebos.👍


In this article, you will learn the following:

  1. The importance of sealing and re-staining outdoor wood furniture
  2. Information on how and when to seal and re-stain
  3. The Best Ways to Weatherproof Wooden Outdoor Furniture


Sealing your patio furniture once or twice a year is important to maintain quality

Why do I need to seal and re-stain my outdoor wood furniture?💕💕

Depending on your climate, sealing your patio furniture once or twice a year is important to maintain quality.

While re-staining your patio furniture will help maintain its visual appeal, you can also choose a different color for your patio furniture each year to create a different look and style.🌞

Wood will naturally turn a little gray with time, and it is more prone to rot and decomposition if you don't take care of it properly.

Sealing your outdoor wood furniture adds an extra layer of protection to the wood, by protecting it from sunlight, moisture, and other elements that can affect its appearance and quality.🥂


Spring and early summer are ideal times to seal and re-stain your outdoor furniture

When should I seal and re-stain my patio pergola, gazebo or other outdoor wood furniture?

As we mentioned, spring and early summer are the ideal times to seal and re-stain your outdoor furniture. As a bonus, this way you also have the whole summer to fully enjoy your outdoor space with outdoor furniture.🌻

With any type of wooden pergola, sunjoy gazebo or other outdoor wooden furniture, it is important to wait until the wood is completely dry before sealing and re-staining (sequence is important) otherwise the product will not be well protected. But, when done the right way, it greatly helps to protect the wood.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you notice that the wood is starting to fade, it is time to seal and re-stain your outdoor wood furniture.💗


How to weatherproof your outdoor wood furniture?

There are many benefits to weatherproofing your outdoor wood furniture.

This practice not only protects the wood from UV rays, moisture, and frost, but also helps extend the life of your outdoor wood furniture.

Before using any waterproofing solution for your outdoor wood furniture, you should first consider restoring, cleaning, and sanding the wood.🌸🌸

This is because outdoor wood furniture is susceptible to physical damage, and you may find that it is chipped or scratched. If this has been discovered, repair the damage first and seal it immediately, this will prevent moisture and any other elements from seeping in and causing the wood to rot.

If you have found the conditions described above, then cleaning and sanding your outdoor wooden furniture is necessary to ensure that you can completely restore it to its original condition.☀️

If you want a different look this season, re-stain it a different color. Remember, removing any scratches or cuts in the wood will also make it look as good as new, and sanding it will help prepare the wood surface, which is helpful once you start weatherproofing outdoor wood.

Here are some of the best ways to weatherproof your outdoor wood furniture:

1.Waterproof using wood oils:

Linseed oil, derived from seeds of flax plants, and tung oil, extracted from the Chinese tung tree, are two protective and beautiful-looking oils you can use to protect high-quality wood. You could even try blends of these oils, which is said to enhance the drying time and eliminate the sticky sensation after coating. 

2.Waterproof using sealants:

Sealants, such as varnish and lacquer, are well-known to offer great protection against water and moisture. They can be either brushed or sprayed onto outdoor wood and only need a few minutes to dry. Before applying your sealant, it is best to remove any traces of past finishes to ensure that the new coating will be completely absorbed by the wood.

3. A combination of stain and sealants:

Using a combination of wood stain and sealant allows you to complete two separate tasks in one go. With stains, you can enhance the health of the wood, and the addition of sealants ensures your wood will be weatherproof. If you’re using a combination of products, you may need to reapply it every year to ensure you’re effectively waterproofing and maintaining the quality of your outdoor wood furniture.🥳🥳

Most Popular Outdoor Wood Furniture Staining Options:

When it comes to re-staining your outdoor furniture, there are so many color options available that your choice will depend entirely on your personal preference.

These are the most popular wood stain color options used in most patio furniture:

Honey maple: This is a light stain with a unique shade that will give your outdoor wood furniture a very natural look.

Dark walnut stain: Dark Walnut is brown with a touch of gold and this color will really bring out the quality of the wood grain outdoors. There are many people who love this stain for outdoor wood furniture because it looks so natural.

Briarsmoke: This color is a combination of very rustic brown and smoky gray which gives this color a unique look and is the easiest way to upgrade the aesthetic of your backyard.

When you're sealing and re-staining outdoor furniture, the first step is keeping track of weather conditions and gathering the necessary materials needed for re-staining.💧

You need at least 48 hours of no precipitation to make sure your furniture is completely dry before you start sealing and staining. You'll also want to remove any peripherals such as umbrellas, cushions, curtains, etc. to make sure they don't get soiled.

Once your outdoor wood furniture has been kept dry and you have made sure it is free of dirt, this is the first step that will ultimately give you great results.💐

You can simply wash it down with a pump spray that has enough pressure to push out any dirt or residue and scrub any spots of stubborn dirt. Once you're done, you'll again need to let your outdoor wood furniture dry for at least 24 hours.

When re-staining your outdoor wood furniture make sure to start at the highest point and always remember to stain consistently with the grain of the wood. Also, for a smoother finish, allow the first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat.💗


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