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What Is a Pergola, And Does It Provide Shade?

14 Apr 2023 1 comment
What Is a Pergola, And Does It Provide Shade? |  sunjoygroup

A garden pergola is an outdoor structure with open sides and a semi-covered, often slatted, roof. A garden pergola is both functional and decorative, as it not only provides dappled shade and shelter, but also adds visual beauty to your outdoor space.

The exact origin of the pergola is a bit of a mystery, but similar outdoor structures have been used in many parts of the world for centuries. For example, the ancient Greeks used solid marble and stone to build their teahouses, while traditional teahouses in Asia usually use wood and glass as the main raw materials.

Today, however, pergolas are closely associated with parks and other public spaces, such as your backyard.💕💕

Garden pergola can be made from almost anything but are usually made of wood or metal. At Sunjoy, we specialize in making pergolas using the highest quality cedar wood and metal as raw materials.

Does the pergola provide shade?

Does the pergola provide shade? Yes.🌞

There’s more to it than that, of course. Pergolas don’t just provide shade, they are an extension of your living space, offering you and your family affordable, low-maintenance comfort on hot summer days.

How do pergolas provide shade? 

By providing a non-continuous physical barrier between you and the sun's rays. However, the amount of shade a pergola provides depends on several factors: the size and spacing of the beams, where the pergola is placed, and whether the pergola is covered on top with a canopy or not.💗

Wider, thicker beams and tighter spacing will provide more shade than a pergola with thinner beams spaced farther apart. However, this will also limit how much of the sky can be seen from inside the pergola, and the feeling of openness to the environment. Additionally, narrow beams that are spaced farther apart, help to keep the area cool with their open airflow design.

Pergola placement is another important factor when it comes to shade. 

Where you place your garden pergola is an important factor. Do you want to place your pergola on the east or west side of your home? If you want to locate it on the east side, then you can expect more shade at night. If you want to place it on the west side, the opposite is true, and you will enjoy more shade in the morning.🥳

It's also worth considering if you want your pergola next to your home or away from the building. Pergolas attached to or adjacent to your home will benefit from the additional shade provided by the structure, while those placed away from the structure will have to rely entirely on the shade provided by the structure itself.

Configuring your pergola with a canopy can increase the UV protection your pergola provides and protect you and your guests from light rain. Sunjoy offers several pergolas that come with adjustable canopies, allowing you to better control the shade beneath your structure with the movement of the sun.Sunjoy Outdoor Patio 11x11 Modern Metal Pergola Kit with Tan Adjustable Canopy

Sunjoy Outdoor Patio 11x11 Modern Metal Pergola Kit with Tan Adjustable Canopy

What is the use of a pergola besides providing shade?

The pergola provides partial shade, but also provides a space to sit, relax and enjoy the view. Beneath your private backyard pergola, you can also have a grill, dining table and sofa, or even a hot tub. There’s a lot of opportunity for customization.☀️

A pergola allows you to create your own cozy den and use it however you want. You can design the pergola according to your personal interests, such as adding lighting to create a nighttime reading nook, or setting it up as a mini bar, and creating a great place to entertain friends.Sunjoy Outdoor Patio Grill Gazebo 10x11 Wooden Frame Hot Tub Pergola Kit with Privacy Screen and Large Bar Shelves

Sunjoy Outdoor Patio Grill Gazebo 10x11 Wooden Frame Hot Tub Pergola Kit with Privacy Screen and Large Bar Shelves

The difference between a pergola and a gazebo is all about the roof

Pergolas have a more lattice-like structure consisting of overlapping wooden or metal beams. In contrast, an outdoor gazebo has a solid, covered roof. If you want to let the sun in, a pergola might be just right for you. If you are looking for complete shade or total overhead shelter, then an outdoor gazebo is the perfect choice.💐💐

Gazebos and pergolas are both outdoor structures that can greatly enhance your outdoor environment.

How much shade can a gazebo provide?

Due to its design, a gazebo provides more shade coverage than a pergola. First, the roof of the outdoor gazebo is continuous, which will provide you with a larger area of shade.

Also, unlike pergolas, gazebos have sloped roofs that allow rainwater to run off the sides. This full roof design means that items stored under the gazebo are exposed to less UV radiation and rain, making it a great place to store outdoor furniture, and to enjoy the outdoors even in inclement weather.🥂

If you're looking for complete shade, go with a gazebo

Also, while a pergola can provide some relief from the heat, even a covered pergola will never provide 100% complete shade. If you need full shade, consider an outdoor gazebo. Fortunately, Sunjoy also offers a wide variety of gazebo, with options for every space and budget!💗💗

If you want more idea about gazebos , Sunjoy 11x13 Black 2-Tier  Hardtop Gazebo is also a famous choice.Styles We Love with Sunjoy Gazebos in Spring Afternoon and Sunjoy Wood Care Guidelines—Protect Your Outdoor Wooden Gazebo will help you. Sunjoy Wooden Frame Backyard Hardtop Gazebo and Sunjoy Wooden Frame Gable Roof Backyard Hardtop Gazebo ares also a good choice.

Do you have any ideas about how you would use a gazebo ? Use the hashtag #Sunjoylife to share your idea or opinion with us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and Tiktok.

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1 comment

26 Oct 2023 Clare Martin

I want to make the wide backyard of my new residence in Canberra more functional since it’s still currently empty, so I have decided to have a pergola built once I’m done setting up my backyard garden. I’m glad you told us that a pergola can serve as an extension of our living space since we are provided with shade and low-maintenance comfort, especially on summer days. I’ll take note of this while I look for a contractor in Canberra to hire for the pergola construction I need for my backyard garden at home soon.

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